_Our mission

We empower makers to create intuitive, inclusive, and beautiful experiences that people love.

Our mission

What’s inclusive design?

Inclusive design is a methodology that considers many aspects of human diversity that could affect a person’s ability to use a product, service, or environment, such as ability, language, culture, gender, and age.

Who do we serve?

  1. Internal makers: A-maze-ings who use our design system to create experiences.
  2. External makers: Separate vendor companies or individuals with no direct connection with Maze, who we work with to extend our experiences.
  3. Maze’s customers and target audience: People who use and experience Maze.

How do we do it?

While the Lego analogy is excellent for giving an overview of what a design system is to people that are non-familiar with them, it goes way beyond a component or pattern library. It’s about how all the interconnected pieces have meaning and how it makes us all more efficient and effective working together.

We define a structured language system for which a context of use and principles establishes harmony in Maze’s customers‘ and target audience’s experiences within the ecosystem. Its name is Ariane.

Providing a single source of truth

We amplify other teams‘ impact by providing them everything they need to focus on improving the experience:

  1. Foundations: Typography, color, iconography, illustration, spacing, etc.
    1. Principles: Fundamental rules that sustain them.
    2. Adaptation to different platforms, input types, and user preferences.
  2. Components and interaction patterns.
    1. Structure and responsiveness to different screen sizes.
  3. Nomenclature and semantics.
  4. Documentation: Visual, interaction, code, and content—including words and visual assets.
  5. Resources: Assets, templates, and tools.

Connecting multi-disciplinary teams and individuals

Our design system organically bridges the four disciplines that are key to creating amazing experiences:

  1. Brand
  2. Design
  3. Writing
  4. Engineering

Co-creation is our superpower

We break the traditional silos by connecting various disciplines and problem-solving spaces, facilitating conversations to create more solid and coherent holistic solutions.

At the individual level, we give people the opportunity to make a cross-team impact and zoom out to see the larger scope of things—systems thinking.

Aligning on what quality means

To ensure we’re all on the same page regarding quality, we created definitions to help us align expectations and guide us to give our next steps.

  1. Foundations lifecycle
  2. Component lifecycle